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16th Annual Academic Sessions – Achieving Excellence in Delivery of Radiological care

Pre -Congress Workshop for Radiological Technologists
Optimizing Radiological Imaging for better Patient Care

Date : 30th July 2017

Venue : Neuro Trauma Auditorium, National Hospital of Sri Lanka

8.30 am


8.50 am

Address by the President SLRC

Dr Shanthini Rosairo
Consultant Radiologist

9.00 am

Importance of optimizing quality of plain radiography –Challenges met by the radiographers and radiologists in peripheral hospitals

Dr Kantha Samarawickrama
Consultant Radiologist

9.45 am

Pediatric Diagnostic Radiology – optimizing radiation protection while preserving image quality

Dr Jerrad Fernando
Consultant Radiologist

10.30 am


10.45 am

Common pitfalls identified by radiologists during reporting cross-sectional imaging - Radiographers role

Dr Samitha Egodage
Consultant Radiologist

11.30 am

Quality assurance and Radiation safety in Diagnostic Radiology

Dr Janaka Marasinghe
Medical Physicist

12.30 pm

Vote of thanks by social secretary SLRC

Dr Rupa Kannangara
Consultant Radiologist

12.40 pm


*Please note that the registration will close on 25thof July 2017.