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Sri Lanka College of Radiologists 16th Annual Academic Sessions 2017 in The Grand Kandyan Hotel Kandy

Digital poster displays at 16th Annual Academic sessions of Sri Lanka College of Radiologists

  • At SLCRC 2017, accepted posters will be displayed in digital display only.

  • It is mandatory to submit digital posters to SLCRC 2017 for each accepted abstract by 16.08.2017 at the latest.

  • The Scientific Exhibition Jury will evaluate the uploaded posters on a specified date and time (to be informed later) to select the winners.

  • The presenting authors of posters will be asked to present their work in person at SLCRC 2017, during moderated events. Date and time will be informed to you. Presenters may be requested to stand by their poster for a 5- minute presentation.

  • The posters are displayed at 40” LCD Sony Bravia monitor. In vertical height of 38.9” (98.8cm) and horizontal width of 27” (68.5cm).

  • When preparing text and illustrations, bear in mind the posters will be viewed from a distance of 1 meter.

  • Text:

  • We recommend that authors prepare their poster texts in advance using standard word processing programmes, run a spell check, and then copy-and-paste the elements from the prepared document into the appropriate sections in the poster.

  • Images:

  • We recommend that you identify and prepare images well in advance of the deadline. All images should be ready in an adequate format and size (recommended: format .jpg/.jpeg, size: 1024x768 pixels; resolution: 72 dpi; mode: RGB; max. file size 3MB). Please check your images in the "view" mode to ensure that size and resolution are sufficient and the viewer will be able to recognize the relevant details.

  • Tables:

  • Tables can be created with a table editor; however, complicated tables and spreadsheets can be presented as image files.

  • Posters should not solely consist of text and most viewers are unlikely to spend much time on a poster that does not have a sufficient number of images/figures to support the text. Therefore, the inclusion of images/figures to illustrate your poster is encouraged.

  • Images must be appropriately linked to the text, either by embedding the image in the text, or by linking an image from the side bar to the text – a clearly presented image is often worth a thousand words and the wrong text-image link destroys the validity of the poster.

  • Color attracts attention, but too much can be distracting. Please make sure that uploaded coloured images are clear - just because it looks good in one format does not guarantee that it will have the same effect when uploaded.

  • Final poster should be save in JPG, pdf or picture format.

  • Poster will be displayed for 2 full days during the congress.

  • The audio visual group is willing to help you to in advice.

  • You may contact Dr Udaya Wanigasiri 0718312804/ wanigasiri@yahoo.com o issues regarding digital poster display.


The organizing Committee invites you to submit abstracts, to be considered for oral and / or poster presentations.

Deadline for submission of abstracts: 15 May, 2017

Best Paper and Best Poster Awards:

  • These awards are open to all registrants presenting a paper or a poster.

  • Guidelines to authors for preparation of abstracts.

  • All abstracts must:

    • be saved on at least Microsoft Word 98 or later, preferably in .Doc format

    • Use Times New Roman as the font

  • Final abstract should be prepared and mailed according to the format given below.

    • The title of the paper should appear in 12 bold face capital letters

    • The names of authors should be in 12 point regular capital letters, the family name in full, followed by other names in initials(each initial should be followed by a full-stop and a space)
      The presenter’s name is to be underlined and the corresponding author's name should be indicated by an asterisk at the end of the name.

    • 12 point regular italics should be for author's affiliations.

    • Address(es) of author(s): The address of the institute where the work has been carried out should be clearly stated.

    • One line space should be allowed between title and names of authors and, between names of authors and their affiliation.

    • Two-line space should be left before typing the abstract.

    • Text of the abstract should be in 12 point regular font with single line spacing.

    • The first line of the paragraph should be indented by 1.25 cm.

    • The text of the abstract should include the following section headings: “Introduction”, “Objectives”, “Methodology”, “Results” and “Conclusion”. These section headings should appear in 12 point bold.

    • The maximum word count of the abstract should be limited to 250

    • Spelling: British spelling must be used throughout the text.

    • Abbreviations: Should be cited in full at first occurrence except for standard abbreviations.

    • Non-English and Technical Terms: Should be in italics.

    • Units: International System of Units (SI) should be used and a space must be left between the figure and the unit (eg: 25 cm).

Please include the e-mail address, through which the abstract review committee could communicate with you, at the bottom of the abstract.

Please ensure that the guidelines mentioned in preparation of abstract are complied with.

Via Electronic Mail

  • to lankaradiology@yahoo.com

  • Must be forwarded as an attachment addressed to the Hon. Secretary SLCR

  • Abstract attachment should mention title of the paper and name of the presenter

Via Post

  • Completed registration form, with its appropriate registration fee and 3 copies of the abstracts must reach the Secretariat, not later than 15 th of May , 2017.

  • Mail all submissions to:

    • Secretary
      16th Annual Academic Sessions -2017
      Sri Lanka College of Radiologists
      No: 06, “Wijerama House”
      Wijerama Mawatha,
      Colombo 07, Sri Lanka

Note to all Presenters:

  • Abstract will ONLY be accepted upon receipt of registration and payment by the presenter for the Annual Academic Sessions 2017.

  • The Organizing Committee reserves the right to amend or change any part of the submission guidelines without prior notice.

  • Submitting authors are reminded that the scientific committee reserves the right to select the abstract either as a poster or as an oral presentation.

Guidelines for Registraion

- Online Registraion

- Cash

- Bank

  • by depositing at any branch of Commercial Bank of Ceylon.
    Account Number: - 8145003002 (Commercial Bank, Ward Place Branch)
    Account Holder’s Name: - “Sri Lanka College of Radiologists”
    Reference. Number :- Please write your name clearly.

    (Please attach deposit slip to the registration form registration forms without deposit slipswill not be accepted.)

  • Click Here to View Registraion Fees

- Bank draft

  • Payable to “Sri Lanka College of Radiologists"
    Amount ……………………………………………SLR/USD.
    Issuing bank………………………………………………………………………………

  • Click Here to View Registraion Fees

- Telegraphic transfer

  • Amount………………..……………………….. (SLR/USD)
    TT No. ………………………………………...........................
    Account Name :- “Sri Lanka College of Radiologists”
    Account Number :- 8145003002
    Commercial Bank of Ceylon Ltd
    Ward Place Branch, Ward Place, Colombo-07, Sri Lanka
    Swift Code: - CCEYLKLX

  • Click Here to View Registraion Fees

  • Residents / trainees have to produce certificate confirming their status from head of the training centre or hospital director

  • Tickets for the College Banquet will be available for the registered delegates and their accompanying person for Rs. 1500.00 per head.

  • Pre congress work shop Limited seats are available on first come first serve basis

  • Conference kit will not be provided Spot Registration for the academic sessions:

Registration will close on 10th of August 2017.