President's Message

The SLCR is the pioneer professional body in responsible for the maintenance and improvement of the clinical radiology services and standards in the country. Founded in January 1981 under the auspices of Dr S N B T Talwatta, SLRC held its inaugural academic sessions in 2002. I have been a member of the SLCR since 1985 and had the honour of being the Vice President at its inaugural academic sessions in 2002.

Thirty years since the inception of SLRC, our main goal of providing utmost care for the patient through our mandate remains unchanged. Our final aim is to provide scientifically sound, advance, ethical and equitable care to all our patients, using cutting edge technology in diagnostic and therapeutic imaging. The present high standards of the SLCR is a result of the commitment of its past presidents committee members and the membership.



News and Events

  • International Day of Radiology island wide programme 2016
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  • Annual outstation clinical meeting

    Annual outstation clinical meeting of the Sri Lanka College of Radiologists
    Date is postpone
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